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Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on October 2, 2014
Our last coach trip for 2014 is on today! All aboard for the trip of the year to the Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm! Kooroomba has been created as a unique tourist destination. It is nestled in the Fassifern Valley at Mt Alford near Boonah, and consists of a cellar door, restaurant and lavender shop which overlooks a six hectare vineyard and a breathtaking lavender field, with magnificent views of the Scenic Rim mountains.
Get ready for unique southern France experience right on the doorstep of Brisbane!

Kooroomba Vineyard Photos

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Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on October 1, 2014
AsherAroundthe Village

John's 10 year old grandson, Asher, took a stroll with Fay, his grandmother, around the village. He had with him a 12 year old digital camera (Olympus) and took some select images of objects that caught his eye around the village. He then carefully processed the images in Adobe Lightroom. The images are truly stunning, it certainly seems Asher has an eye for detail and a natural talent. They are so wonderful, we thought we would feature his images over the next few weeks for all to enjoy.


Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 30, 2014
There was a buzz of excitement in the air! Tranquil Waters was recently asked to provide two models
for Black Pepper to parade at the Victoria Point Shopping Centre Seniors Week Celebrations.

Phyllis and Dot were gracious enough to give up their time and eagerly represent Tranquil Waters.
A great experience for the girls of which they enjoyed very much. Praised for their professionalism,
who knows, there may be a future career in the world of fashion for these budding models from Tranquil Waters!

by Di of Tranquil Waters

Black Pepper Logo

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Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 29, 2014
Tranquil Waters has been holding the Leukemia Foundation Fair for some years now. The Fair raises funds to help the Foundation provide accommodation for patients receiving treatment for various forms of leukemia, as well as enabling their families to stay with them during this time.

Monies raised by this years fair will be used to assist with the refurbishment of Mincom Village,
a wonderful accommodation house for families and patients undergoing treatment.

The fair will be held at Tranquil Waters Community Centre on Saturday 25 October starting at 10am.
Entry will be $5 which includes morning tea, and a sausage sizzle.

There will be many different stalls including: a White Elephant stall, a Craft stall, a Plant stall and Cake
& Jam stalls. There will be Lucky Door prizes and numerous other attractions.

But we need plenty of help to stock the stalls. So, if you or your friends can make cakes, jams or provide articles for the craft stall, this would be very much appreciated. We also need people to help on the day on the stalls, selling raffle tickets and helping in the kitchen.
It should be an magnificent and worthwhile event for all involved!

Leukaemia Foundation Fair

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Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 28, 2014
Mah Jong, Snooker and Happy Hour, what more can be said!
Sunday Dinner tonight is delicious 'Thai'.
'Khobkhun' (Thank You) for a lovely meal and a great day!

Night time at the Leisure Centre

Great Words of Wisdom from Our Inspiring Seniors ..

Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 27, 2014
Words of Wisdom from Inspiring Seniors


Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 26, 2014
Phil's amazing Festival of Entertainment was enjoyed by residents & visitors alike. Our own Tranquil Tones Choir and the Dukes of Uke were outstanding once again. Lenore McDonald provided some fun & laughter with her Comedy Hour. It was so good to see everyone participating in Seniors Week and helping out too, the old saying that 'Many Hands Make Light Work' is certainly true!

Tranquil Tones - The Elements
The Dukes of Yuke

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Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 25, 2014
Kooroomba Vineyard & Lavendar Farm

Our last coach trip for 2014 will be on 2 OCTOBER to Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm in the Scenic Rim Area. The cost will be $40pp which includes morning tea, lunch and wine tasting. We will be departing at 8.30am from the village. Please ask any friends who might be interested and let Tranquil Waters know by end of today. It's sure to be a wonderful day!

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Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 24, 2014
Down the Rhine, Rhone, Moselle and Main (pronounced Mine) rivers! Adventurous, exciting and gob-smacking!

The TV commercial claims a perfect tour for couples of all ages, especially those in love and those who want to be loved.

Picture this, lunch on the Eiffel Tower, dinner at Moulin Rouge (Girls, Girls, Girls) and all the romantic sights of Paris, day and night.

Eiffel Tower

Allowed to climb a Dutch Windmill - visit the home town of Andre Riev in Maastrict and see the house he grew up in during his teenage years.

Visit a chocolate factory (Lindt) in Cologne, also famous for 4711. In the 18thCentury Johann Maria Farina (1685 - 1766), created a fragrance, naming it after his famous residence, Cologne, Eau de (Water from Cologne).

Driving through the Black Forest past sky-bound pine and birch trees blanketing the mountain side is a sight to behold.

Our last stop, Switzerland, everything picture perfect, a town surrounded by towering alpine mountains.

The morning we departed, snow was on the western alps.

Swiss Alps

Trivia Information

  1. There are 34 locks on the Main River, levees are 3 metres and as high as 7.6 metres

  2. Down the Rhine Gorge there are 30 castles, all well preserved.

Members of two villas took this wonderful trip together, and creating even a stronger bond of friendship!

by John of Tranquil Waters

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LINE DANCING - There's fun afoot!

Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 23, 2014
Bowls in the morning, then, yes, Line Dancing! Always so much fun!
Next Snooker and Happy Hour, then off to Choir practice to polish lyrical voices ready for our next concert!

Line Dancing


Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 22, 2014
Today we had a pleasant Morning Tea in the Leisure Centre, then attended a Craft session doing a little Beadwork. We had a fun game of Canasta after lunch, now we are enjoying Snooker, Happy Hour and getting reading for a game of Bowls after dinner. Never a dull moment!

Snooker Tables


Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 21, 2014
Well, the weekly game of Mah Jong has just commenced, followed by a bout of Snooker
and a few enjoyable drinks at Happy Hour in the wonderful Leisure Centre.
Sunday Dinner
tonight is yummy 'Pizza'. What a great day!

Leisure Centre - Dining


Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 20, 2014
In the Leisure Centre tonight at 6.30pm, we are featuring on The Big Screen,
the romantic Ballet
or 'The Fisherman and His Bride'.

The ballet tells the story of Teresina, a young Italian girl who falls in love with Gennaro, a fisherman.
The tale culminates in the marriage of the lovers.

It was created in 1842 for Denmark's Royal Ballet, inspired by Bournonville's stay in Naples
and described as 'his happiest masterpiece'.
  • Opera - 'NAPOLI'

  • Company - The Royal Danish Ballet

  • Choreography - August Bournonville

  • Music - The Royal Danish Orchestra

  • Duration - 97 minutes

Ballet Napoli


Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 19, 2014
Off for a quick stroll around the beachfront pathway
before Snooker and Happy Hour at the Leisure Centre!

Beachfront Pathway


Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 18, 2014
The Tranquil Tones Concert on today at 'Adventist Aged Care'. Come along at 12 noon to see the Tranquil Tones performing their very entertaining show once again!

Tranquil Tones Concert



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