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Tranquil Waters End of Construction Party

Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on March 4, 2012
We finally did it !- we completed the last stage of 12 units within the village just recently after 12 years taking us to a good size of 120 villas in total, not too big and not too small.

To celebrate the completion of the building within the village, a party well catered for with Phil & Dorothy's organisation and Liz ensuring there was was more than enough food + music (with our own Denis Hollingsworth playing) to enjoy the night.

The presentation of trophies and prizes for the Photo Competition and Photography Competition was held - those photos to come.

The difference with Tranquil Waters is the community we have here and if you are thinking of retiring, give us a visit and meet some residents who have made that same choice with us.

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