Safety & Security are important

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

It’s meant to be a haven and a sanctuary, yet sadly many older Australians say that they feel unsafe - even when in the comfort of their own home.

The good news is that statistically, older people are far less likely to be victims of crime than any other age group in Australia (1).

Feeling safe and secure are essential for our overall health and wellbeing.


If you or a loved one has concerns about safety and security at home, it might be worth considering a move to a retirement village.

At Tranquil Waters for example, we have purposely created a place where you can enjoy independent living in your retirement years, in a safe and secure setting. Chat to any of our residents and you’ll find that this rates highly on the list of things they appreciate about our retirement community:

It’s got everything. Secure at night, fully fenced and the driveway gates are locked 6pm to 6am, plus security cameras … You can see on your TV who’s coming in the gates.”

Built with your Safety in Mind 

Our master planned community incorporates many physical features to enhance the safety and security of residents, such as:

  • security screens and doors;
  • after dark access by security code only;
  • CCTV in certain parts of the village;
  • each residence has its own private garage with remote control and direct internal access; and
  • a 24-hour emergency call system.

Even when you are away on holidays or visiting family, you can relax, knowing that your home is being well cared for.


How to Prevent Feeling Unsafe


Feeling safe and secure however is about much more than the physical environment. Many people underestimate the role of a sense of community, and a supportive local neighbourhood.


Feeling unsafe will be a thing of the past when you move into Tranquil Waters! If you are considering retirement living in the Redlands, we invite you to inspect our village which combines country quiet with city convenience. Call us now on (07) 3139 8217 to book your personal viewing, or visit our display centre between 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.