Taking up a new hobby in retirement

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Hobbies provide endless mental and physical benefits. They can relieve stress, offer new challenges and experiences and unite yourself with others. Here are some of our favourite hobbies at Tranquil Waters.


Cooking is a great hobby to get involved in. When you cook, all of your senses are stimulated from smell, taste and touch. This experience has been found to contribute to a boost in endorphins and ultimately that feel good sensation. Cooking is also a great hobby because it allows you to express your own creativity and try different combinations of ingredients and methods. Each villa within the village has it own kitchen so you can practice your new found hobby in the comfort of your own home. Who knows, you might be the next Donna Hay!


Gardening is a very popular hobby often adopted by retirees. Its popularity undoubtedly coincides with its many benefits for ageing Australians. By regularly getting outside in the garden, you are exposed to the sun and therefore vitamin D which increases your calcium levels and therefore your bone health. It is believed that regular exposure to bacteria in the soil as well as the dirt can boost your immune system and make you feel happier. It is also believed that by keeping your brand and body regularly active in the garden you can reduce the risk of dementia. The power of nature is never ending!

If you’re gardening outdoors make sure you’re adequately protected from the sun.


Now this one can be a pretty competitive hobby, yet still a great one if you’re looking to spend more time socialising. Playing cards has been popular in almost every continent in history. Its popularity continues to live on because it is such a great way to bring people together and practice your critical thinking skills. Tranquil Waters has a group of keen card players that meet two to three times a week for a few games. So why not get involved and try your hand at the game?


This one has also survived the test of time. Eight- ball pool was invented just after the 1900’s and has been around for over 100 years. Again, it’s no surprise why pool is still a popular game, it brings people together no matter whether you’re playing or cheering on others. It also has a bunch of other additional benefits such as improving focus, critical thinking skills, hand- eye coordination, as well as stretch your body, burn calories, improve balance and hugely improve your cognitive skills which is increasingly important as you age. What better excuse to head to the retirement village pub for a cold one with some friends and a few games of snooker?


Tranquil Waters is situated right on the water’s edge, so it’s no surprise that many of our residents love to go fishing. Similarly to gardening, when you go fishing, or outdoors at all you are exposed to vitamin D, a vitamin critical to your physical health. As well as this, fishing bestows your patience, promotes relaxation, and strengthens your muscles (especially when you actually catch one!). As well as this fishing gets you outside regularly and enjoying the great outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to get the catch of the day then why not cook it up and share it with a few friends?

So take your pick of all of the hobbies on offer… It’s all at Tranquil Waters.