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Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on April 7, 2014


14th April: An informative talk presented by "Home Instead" on staying in your home longer.
A representative from Centrelink will attend to help old and new pensioners understand the available allowances for you, and or, your partner should one need further care. There will be ample time for a questions and answers.

28th April: Gifts Galore will be along with their wares. They have a wonderful array of jewellery, scarves, bags, and suitable gifts for most ages.

12th May:

9th June: Taffy Shoes are here. A great range of shoes for all.


BBQ Dukes of Uke

Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on March 21, 2014

FRIDAY 4TH APRIL, the doors are open for our popular Friday night BBQ This time Phil has invited The Dukes of Uke along to entertain us

The last BBQ was extremely popular and over 80 attended to hear our friend Liz sing old favorite country songs.

So if you have April 4th free, phone and let us know . 3207 0786.


Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on March 21, 2014


Keep April 12th free for a wonderful night's entertainment. 

Andrew Pryor, Craig Atkinson and David Kidd are three of the original Ten Tenors and will be performing at Tranquil Waters April 12th.  This is a night not to be missed.
Bring you friends along.

To reserve a seat or table, phone 3207 0786.  Tickets $ 25 each.

This magnificent show begins at 6.30pm.

Retirement Village Information Day

Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on February 10, 2014
Tranquil Waters Retirement Village welcomed 4 guests and 74  residents for the Metropolitan Community Support Information Day.

Guest speakers from Elan Medical, Financial Wisdom and Great Southern Memorial Park joined the Cleveland branch of Metropolitan Funerals to present a free morning tea event in the village's beautiful community centre.

The guests said that they benefited greatly from the information from the presenters across topics such as Financial Planning for Seniors, Accessing Government Goods and Services.

Residents enjoyed the free morning tea and a chat to speakers.

Information Day 10 February from 10am

Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on January 29, 2014
Tranquil Waters Information Day for residents and guests on Monday 10 February in the Community Centre from 10am to 12 noon for residents and guests.

Short talks featuring Great Southern Memorial Park, Elan Medical Supplies, Whittaker Macnaught Financial Services & Metropolitan Funerals, with question time and private chats if necessary.

ALL WELCOME. Morning tea provided free of charge.

You may also win a lucky door prize...............See you there.

Australia Day 2014

Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on January 29, 2014

A hearty Australia Day Breakfast was served from the BBQ followed by teams competing for the TWAD trophy.
Teams of six were tested by trying to throw rubber thongs into a bucket.  Laughter could be heard from the teams with applause then drowning out the screams when the thongs hit their mark!! The successful team is pictured below. It was a delight to watch the residents getting into the theme of Australia Day.

The Relaxing Retirement Home Requirements: The Facilities

Posted in '' on December 24, 2013

The Facilities

In this article, we will talk about the facilities a good retirement community should offer. Most good communities will include a purpose built Leisure Centre that is central and easily accessible to all residents. A broad range of social activities are facilitated from here with the help of an active social committee and a variety of interests are catered for. A good size swimming pool is a must as well as a men’s workshop.

Activity Rooms

Purpose built activity rooms cater for a diversity of interests. A well equipped modern library is important as well as access to a computer room with internet access.

A functional craft room with good lighting, storage and work tables is a valuable addition for crafting activities such as quilting, beading or even art classes.

Large open plan rooms are advantageous for many pastimes and interests. Concerts, fashion parades, line dancing, choir practices and dinner dances can all be accommodated in a well-designed space.

Barbeque Area

For some, any Sunday is never complete without a good barbeque. Many retirement living communities offer fully equipped outdoor dining spaces with barbecues, tables and grassy expanses.

Village Bus

The village bus is an important feature of any community. It provides a service that supports residents whilst maintaining their independence. Weekly grocery shopping, regular fun outings and leisurely bus trips should all be part of a retirement village program.

With the above things in mind, it should be easy to find the right place to spend your retirement. No matter how you choose to spend your time, remember to find somewhere that fulfills your wish list and allows you to stay active and engaged whilst having fun.


Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on December 12, 2013


Our wonderful choir again performed a varied repertoir of Christmas Carols along with their own composition of  "How'd ya like to spend Christmas at Tranquil Waters".

Residents enjoyed a scrumptious meal catered by Spits n Pieces whilst being entertained by our own Tranquil Tones Choir. Their interpretations of Six White Boomers is a credit to the people behind the scenes who created the props.

The Relaxing Retirement Home Requirements: The Activities

Posted in '' on December 11, 2013

Another important factor in quality retirement village living is the activities provided by the village. Below are some of the activities an ideal retirement village will have.

Craft Activities

Participating in a craft activity can also be a form of medical treatment for some people. Being able to express yourself through the use of the right side of your brain can help release stress and can reduce anxiety. By developing the right side of your brain, you can enhance your focus and cognitive skills. Another personal benefit you can gain is being able to leave a piece of yourself behind to your loved ones. This can be a painting, sculpture, or other remembrance you can make.

Physical fitness activities

You are never too old to get active. Any good retirement village will offer facilities and activities to help you keep active. This can include indoor bowls, water aerobics, line dancing, a leisurely swim or simply a lovely stroll or bicycle ride along the waterfront.

Nature trips

There is nothing more therapeutic than heading into the great outdoors. Nature is filled with things to do. This includes fishing, kayaking, picnicking, cycling, walking and much more. Retirement villages close to a park or beach are ideal.

Indoor games

At times you might like to participate in activities that are mentally stimulating. Why not try your hand at Snooker, Mah Jong, cards or challenge yourself by joining the resident choir. . A good retirement community will provide you with the opportunity to try any of these activities. This will encourage you to keep your mind active while giving you a chance to be social with other residents.

Social functions

A retirement village that offers a variety of social activities can be very rewarding for residents providing stimulation whilst being entertained and having fun. A varied and social schedule could include concerts, fashion parades, presentations, dinner dances, Happy Hour and dine in nights.


The next article in this series will be about the available facilities in a community for the retired to ensure quality retirement village living.

The Relaxing Retirement Home Requirements: The Villas

Posted in '' on November 4, 2013

The previous article discussed the location of your future retirement home. It should be located near the right amenities and recreational activities to ensure your golden years are just that - golden. Continuing the series of "Relaxing Retirement Home Requirements", this installment is all about the villas. No matter how great the outside of your house is, the interior must also be able to meet your needs. Below are some of the requirements to consider when looking for your future retirement home.

Layout of the Villa

Your retirement home must have ample space to ensure you can fit all the necessary furnishings and move around with ease. Another factor to consider in the layout of the rooms is the location of windows. They offer the opportunity of natural light to illuminate the area during the day.

Kitchen and bathroom

Another thing to consider is the kitchen and bathroom. It is important that the kitchen is well equipped, with all the right appliances to encourage independent living. The bathroom must be spacious, with accessories such as, hand rails and shower seats.

Emergency assistance

One of the most important requirements for your retirement village is the inclusion of an emergency assistance service. Such a service can immediately alert the ambulance in the event of a medical emergency.

The Relaxing Retirement Home Requirements: The Location

Posted in '' on October 24, 2013

At one point in your life, you will need to consider your retirement. For many, this is one of the best times of their life, offering the freedom to do what you want, when you want. The best place to spend this time is in a relaxing retirement community. This series will start by helping you find the ideal location.

The location

The retirement home you are looking to stay in should be in a great location. The surrounding area must have the things you need and desire. This could include your family, a park, a view of the water, nearby shopping centres, medical facilities and much more.

Nearby facilities

Living in a retirement villa is like being on holiday, every day! But it would also be close to the essentials, such as a grocery store, pharmacy and any other desired amenities. . You must also be able to easily access public transport if the establishments are not within walking distance.

Security provided by the location

All good retirement communities work hard to ensure your safety and peace of mind, for example, a gated community. This can help make your stay more comfortable.

Surrounding environment

This is the time to live in a location that you’ve always dreamed of. If you’ve visualised for a long time of waking up with a cool sea breeze entering your window or with the beach at your doorstep, this is your chance. Many retirement communities are near popular holiday locations, so you can enjoy a relaxed and positive atmosphere all year round.

With this advice, it should be easy to narrow down the right location and possible communities to spend your retirement.

Leukaemia Foundation Fair & Open Day October 2013

Posted in 'Village Events' on October 23, 2013


Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 18, 2013

THE TRANQUIL TONES again showcased their many talents on Sunday night with a wonderful program of songs on the the theme of HIGH FINANCE. Residents and their visitors were entertained in the Community Centre whilst enjoying a scrumptious Sunday night dinner.

A very imaginative team of residents showcased their musical talents as well as their creativity and sewing skills in putting together a very polished performance.

This 40 strong choir of Tranquil Waters residents has grown in leaps & bounds with new residents joining up as soon as they hear about the group. They enjoy great camaraderie, a love of music with some fun and laughter thrown in.

Redland City Inspiring Seniors 2013

Posted in 'Resident Events, Village Events' on September 11, 2013


Staff and residents would like to congratulate Bob on winnning the Redland City Inspiring Seniors Award for Division 4.

Eleven of Redland City's most inspiring older residents were recognised in the 2013 Redland City Inspiring Seniors Awards, held recently at Tranquil Waters Retirement Village as part of Seniors Week.

What do people look for in the Retirement Community?

Posted in 'Sales' on September 10, 2013

Finding the right retirement village

Selecting the right retirement village is an important decision that involves more than simply choosing a floor plan - it is about lifestyle. In addition to meeting your social, security and recreational requirements, you also need to ensure that there is a continuation of available care if and when required.
If social interaction is important, attend a function or read newsletters, chat to long term residents or visit and stroll around the area.

Retirement villages are service-enriched senior living communities with all the advantages of an independent lifestyle within a comfortable and burden-free environment. No more concerns about home repairs, lawn mowing, gardening etc affording you time for new friends and a variety of new social and recreational opportunities.

Surrounding area

The first important criteria, is the location or the surrounding area of the property. An ideal retirement village should be in a good quiet neighbourhood. A good indicator is the security features of the village, such as a gate.

Another important factor is the village location is its distance from local amenities such as shopping centres, hospitals, doctors, theatres and parks. Additional features like a swimming pool, a workshop & medical alert system can make the village more appealing.

Villa characteristics

The characteristics of the villas are the second factor.
A good retirement village should incorporate features which can make life easier for its residents. This includes a safety rail in the bathroom to allow ease of access and no steps or stairs. Tranquil Waters Beachfront Retirement has everything you are looking for in a retirement village. Visit the website or contact them on (07)3207 0786 and make an appointment with their friendly staff to learn more about the available villas.

Tranquil Waters Retirement village can offer all of the above and is situated right on the water opposite the popular Thompson's Beach Park.




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